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in Little Rock, AR & Memphis, TN

digital marketing for lawyers by byrd digitalHow does a law firm attract new clients? In the past it has been yellow page ads, billboards, and even wraps on city buses. But in today’s fast paced digital world, law firms in every practice area need to stand out online to reach new clients.

Does that mean your firm needs to spend money on Google Adwords or lawyer directory sites to reach new clients? No. But you do need the help of an experienced law firm digital marketing service like Byrd Digital.

Digital Marketing for Law Firms That Works.

You need a digital marketing program that brings in potential clients without having to become an expert on the internet or spending a lot of time. We help attorneys and law firms stand out online and reach those potential clients with our powerful localized digital marketing program for lawyers in Little Rock, AR and Memphis, TN.

You get 1-to-1 support from a local law firm digital marketing specialist who will help build your successful digital strategy based on local optimization for your practice area. 

Searches for law firms are overwhelmingly local searches. It’s rare that a potential client for a divorce, personal injury, or other legal practice is going to be looking for an out-of-town or national firm. Local optimization helps bring your firm closer to potential clients when they are searching for options. We work hand in hand with your existing website to make your firm stand out locally and attract new clients.

Byrd Digital is one of only a very small group of digital marketing professionals in Little Rock, AR or Memphis, TN that works with law firms. But our ability to work along with your existing site instead of wanting to build a new site for every client like the other guys is a part of what makes us unique. 

And by “experienced” we mean it. We understand the parameters law firms must abide by and have developed and support websites and local optimization programs for law firms for the past five years. We know what it takes to stand out locally and we know how that intersects with the needs of your firm 24/7/365.

Our powerful law firm digital marketing program uses the basic tools of a top-notch SEO plan and adds a few very specialized tools that will make your firm noticeable locally on search engines like Google and Bing. We work with you to clean up and organize important directory listings – streamlining your firm’s online information so potential clients can find and trust your listings wherever they may look. We make sure you’re found on local maps for searches as well as on mobile devices. And we go one step more than anyone else with our proprietary software that stays up on local searches and your results.

So, what goes into our Law Firm Digital Marketing program and what you get when you partner with Byrd Digital?

Local Law Firm Digital Marketing Toolkit

Curated Local Citations, Reviews, and Directory Listings builds trust, rankings, and clients.

Map Listings require special optimization to be effective and our techniques do just that.

Optimizing for mobile searches pulls your firm into the lead when clients are searching.

1-to-1 Support Specialist Relationship. A real, local person who knows your firm and your strategy.

Regular data-driven, usable reports without another dashboard or talking over your head. 

Proprietary software that stays up on local search results and looks for new opportunities.

Local SEO is All About Here and Now

Local SEO is how customers find your Little Rock business when and where they are ready to buy. We use the real tools and techniques that bring customers to your door again and again.


Creating highly-effective Little Rock Local Search Results takes work. We work to build high-result Local SEO programs for Little Rock companies just like yours by using the same tools and techniques we use everyday on our own local sites.

For many other digital marketing companies, Local SEO comes down to “claiming” your business on long list of directory websites like Yext and InsiderPages. These are important for sure when it comes to local search results and they can be a bit of a hassle to get organized and updated. Getting your business Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP in “search-engine-speak”) listed correctly on over 50 Little Rock Local Directories is a part of what we do. But we don’t stop there.  

We’ll dig into your website to find ways to optimize your content and get it found locally. We will improve your customer experience when they come to your site as well. We’ll gather and apply the right tools for the job to get your business listed locally in Little Rock.

Not only will you have a single point of contact for your local SEO program you can rest assured that the person you will be working with is experienced and knows the Little Rock marketplace (and is not located in Arizona or Afghanistan). We’ve been a part of the Little Rock community for years as business owners and residents. We know Little Rock SEO because we live Little Rock SEO everyday.

Our entire program, from our digital marketing for Little Rock businesses and organizations to our best-in-class SEO is focused on one thing: putting your business front and center in local searches and improving your business.

Everyday you wait to “get around” to improving your Little Rock Local SEO puts you another day father away from bringing more customers to your “door.” With our local team there is no reason to wait any longer.

Ready to Learn More? Let’s DO it.

Little Rock Local SEO Services:

  • Little Rock Google Map Locator
  • Google Searches Near Your Business Listings
  • Bing & Apple Map Locators
  • Little Rock Local Citations (NAP)
  • Local Website Analysis & SEO
  • Local Customer Review Aggregators
  • Little Rock Influencer & Media Analysis
  • Local Organic Search Trends Analysis



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